No visa is required, but Seychellois pronounced se-sel-wa authorities make sure you are not entering to stay for good. Therefore, the following items MUST be presented to the immigration officer:

A passport valid for at least six months.

Your return ticket.

Your hotel voucher.

At last 150 USD per day. They will ask for cash, show them. If you have credit cards, show them - you may be asked for the credit balance you have.

A statement of good health and a statement that you are not importing plants or infected animals The flight attendants in your flight will provide you these papers.

Visitors without pre-booked accommodation are likely to be compelled to book one at the airport for the length of their stay before being allowed to leave the airport. An initial entry permit is granted for 1 month but can be extended for a maximum of 3 months at a time up to a maximum of 1 year in total. See the official travel web-site (http://www.seychelles.tra...).

By plane
By plane

The only international gateway to the Seychelles is Seychelles International Airport SEZ near Victoria. Air Seychelles ( International service is also available from Addis Ababa Ethiopian Airlines (, Nairobi Kenya Airways (, Dubai Emirates (, Abu Dhabi Etihad ( and Doha Qatar Airways (, and regular charter services from Frankfurt Condor (

Now Mihin Lanka of Sri Lanka connect Colombo to Victoria.

By ship
By ship

The strict controls imposed on cruising yachts in the early 1990s have been gradually lifted and rules and regulations are no longer so complicated. However, some restrictions remain in force, mostly for the sake of environmental protection as most of the islands are surrounded by coral reefs near the surface.