Many Western foods are available in Swazi grocery stores, but traditional foods are still common, as is modern convenient food based on traditional ingredients.

Maize-based dishes are popular, and mealie or pap similar to porridge is a staple. Beans, groundnuts, pumpkin, avocado and sour milk are also common ingredients. Dried and cooked local meats, such as antelope often called 'wild meat' by locals, are widely available at tourist restaurants.

"Chicken dust" is a cheap local bbq meal; basically chicken grilled in the open served with a salad and mealie. It is popular both with locals and absolutely delicious. Of course, take appropriate precautions as it is a street vendor food.

Sweet breads, vegetables and fruits are often available from roadside merchants. If you're craving pasta, imported olive oil, Nestle chocolate, Herbal Essences and Carlsberg, head over to the Hub, at Manzini: a huge Spar with everything you could need at an appropriately inflated price. There are several coffee-shops and restaurants around the Hub, also: be aware that the lavatories are located separately, down the stairs, and you have to pay to use them. Manzini's bustling markets and local shops yield all kinds of interesting foodstuffs, along with the ubiquitous KFC.

There are some superb restaurants in Swaziland; many are be found in Ezulwini:

eDladleni Restaurant
+268 404 5743
Upper end of Ezulwini Valley

Traditional Swazi food - one of Swazilands only restaurants serving tradtitional food

The Calabash Continental Restaurant
(+268) 416 1187
Upper end of Ezulwini Valley

Excellent German and Swiss cuisine. They do wonderful things with fish!

The Boma Restaurant
Timbali Lodge
(+268) 416 1156
Upper Ezulwini Valley

New, popular, 'Africa-Chic' destination.

The Great Taipei
Gables Shopping Centre, Ezulwini
(+268) 416 2300
Reasonably priced

Swaziland's favourite Chinese restaurant.