Are plentiful, and serve cheap local afghani food.

Shahiste Restaurant

Jad-e badmurghan, is in the marco polo hotel and is the one of the best restaurants in the city. the menu changes daily, and usually features several iranian/afghani options. meals from around 200afs.

Arghawan Restaurant

Next to the nazary hotel, serves kebabs and pizza, with a garden for hookah. women may be assigned to a small "family room" at the back. meals from around 200afs.

Fardeen Supermarket

Jad-e ghomandani, about two blocks north of bagh-e azadi. a well-stocked supermarket with plenty of western and iranian imports.

Thousand and One Nights
Near new US consulate
hill above University

Rice, kebabs, shisha. Waiters are dwarves in bright blue shirts, black trousers, and striped waistcoats. While this may seem patronizing, the restaurant offers them decent jobs where they would otherwise be unemployed.