For music fans, attend cheap and excellent performances at the Opera and/or the Chamber Music Orchestra. If a national dance group is performing, don’t miss it.

Spend a late night at a café in the Opera park. Station yourself by the sidewalk at Melody Café for some of the best people watching in Yerevan.

Chill out in Yerevan Green Belt. The most popular among the locals are the Paplavok Park near Moscovyan and Teryan and the Czerny Fountain Park near Sayat-Nova and Khanjyan

Visit one of the themed restaurants in the Hrazdan Gorge to see the locals partying. The food does not tend to venture far from barbeque and crayfish, but it is usually good barbecue, and the prices range from very reasonable to the unreasonable. Check the prices on the hard liquor and wines before ordering a bottle if you’re price sensitive.

Climb the Cascades or take the escalator inside one evening for the great views of the city and Mt. Ararat, then head across the street to the amusement park inside Victory Park for some cotton candy and a ride on the rickety ferris wheel.

A walk through the weekend Vernissage a block east of Republic Square metro through the park is a must. From rugs, souvenirs, instruments and paintings, to pets and chemistry supplies, this outdoor market seemingly has everything.

Catch a concert on the Cascades or the Lover's Park (, and an art exhibition at Swan Lake park or Lover's Park.

Do not miss an evening with the Republic square Singing Fountains, 9-11p.m.

Ice-skate with many locals at the Swan Lake next to the Opera House during winter months.

Cool down in the WaterWorld ( (

Diaspora Armenians may obtain a residency permit to live and work in Armenia without a problem. The 10 year visa/permit for $350 is the best deal. Non-Armenians should have an invitation, or establish a business to get a work/business visa.

Volunteering in Armenia may be a suitable for those wanting the experience. Armenian Volunteer Corps ( can organize a volunteer placement and visa for you.

For those of Ethnic Armenian Descent, there are programs such as Birthright Armenia (, which will pay for your trip if you participate in their program.

Tutoring in English is always an option for native English speakers. Demand to learn English, and practice English conversation is high.



Is the pagan holiday of water currently a church holiday. it is a summertime movable feast that is mostly enjoyed by virtually everyone, grown and child alike: litres of water is poured on everyone by everyone. some parks have administered events. 15th july 2012.

Golden Apricot

( is a fairly well established international film festival, usually held in july. armenians take pride in it.


Is the pagan holiday of fire currently a church holiday. it is observed on the february 13. huge bonfire can be observed in each courtyard with people merrily singing around, youngsters jumping over and the like.

Yerevan Birthday

Is celebrated on the second saturday of each october. that's usually a huge event, with central yerevan being pedestrian only: many stages all over the city for theatrical or music usually thematic - ethnic minorities, folk, jazz, rock, pop, classics and the like performances with a culmination on republic square.


( is an emerging international animated film festival. it is held in autumn.