Yerevan is generally safer than many western-European cities. Crime and street violence is almost non-existent here. Nevertheless, as in the most cities of its size, in crowded places and transport beware of pickpockets.

The traffic can be quite rough, so pay close attention when crossing the street, especially in non designated area. There are about 3000 Dram 9 USD fine for jaywalking.

Most visitors to Armenia need to obtain a visa, though most can get one upon arrival. For more detailed information contact your nearest Armenian embassy or consulate. More details at (http://armeniaforeignmini...)

Standard 21-day visas can be obtained at the airport in Yerevan upon arrival at a cost of $10 approx. 3890 AMD. 120-day single entry visas are 15,565 dram $40 US. Note that Nagorno-Karabakh Republic needs a separate visa issued in the Yerevan 'consulate' of the country ask your hotel for details.

A slightly more expensive and slightly more secure alternative is e-visa. It is very useful if you are not eligible for visa-free entry as you do not need to lose time obtaining it upon arrival. Applications for e-Visas can be submitted online, verified on line, and in most cases, e-visas will be approved and issued on-line within two business days. With a valid e-visa travelers can arrive in Armenia through the following border crossing checkpoints: Ayrum railway station, Bavra, Bagratashen, Gogavan land borders with the Republic of Georgia, Zvartnots International Airport and Meghri land border with Iran. The e-visa costs either $15 USD for a 21 day duration or $60 USD for a 120 day duration.

As a matter of fact Armenian visa gives you right to stay in Russia for up to 5 days: There is an agreement between these countries to provide transit land to visitors. To be on the safe side, check at the Russian Embassy in your country before booking a ticket.


Michael Arlen, Passage to Ararat, an autobiographical account of an American-Armenian's first visit to Soviet Armenia.

Armenian Tourism Development Agency

3 nalbandyan street, (

Mobile phone providers

mobile phone providers
4/1 Argishti Str.

(, english, and russian is the leading gsm service provider in armenia and offers quality service at reasonable rates owned by the russian giant mts. they have the best coverage outside of yerevan. vivacell pre-paid sim card "alo" card costs amd 1100-7000 usd 3-20 depending on how much starting credit you want. at their flagship store off of republic square, vivacell is very helpful to forgeiners and will make sure that you understand everything in english, french or russian. they offer very low prices for international calls from your phone via a voip be sure to dial 77 00+country code+the number, i.e.77001... for us or 770048... for poland!, infact it is much cheaper per minute to call the us or canada13amd/$0.03 or russia30amd/$0.08 than it is to dail armenian networks.

mobile phone providers

There are three GSM service providers operating in Armenia. It is strongly advised to acquire a temporary prepaid SIM card as they are cheap and convenient, allowing both local and international calls, no charge for incoming calls and no monthly fee. Mobile internet and UTMS are also offered from all companies, as well as the normal full range of wireless services.

VivaCell and Orange have booths offering free SIM-Cards to incomming visitors at the airport. They are also easiest to top-up at pretty much any store or kisok in the country! and have better English service, rates and coverage. Majority of foreign visitors find their unlocked mobile phones compatible with Armenian SIM cards GSM 900/1800. GSM coverage maps of Armenia: (

mobile phone providers

( and russian formerly armentel but have switched to the russian brand also have a pre-paid card. note: this option may no longer be available to those without armenian residency, although russians and ukrainians seem to be exempted.

mobile phone providers

( and english the french multi-national is a newcommer, in the country since mid-2009 offers a pre-paid card called let's talk with complicated but competitive rates. all networks in armenia35amd/$0.09 lower rates may apply within the network or for night-time calls, us or canada15amd/$0.04, russia30amd/$0.08.


Viale Italia 5
+374 10-542-335
Tscharenz 29
Grigor Lusavorich 13a
+374 10-567-197
Grigor Lusavorich 8
+374 10-591-950

This is not a full list.

Baghramyan 12
+374 10-560-663
Hanrapetutyan 44a
+374 91-426-885
Amiryan 1
+374 91-401-238
Sayat-Nova 19
+374 10-532-553
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United States
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