Baghaberd Fortress
12 west of Kapan

This is one of Armenia's most picturesque fortresses, especially if photographed from the small hill behind it. A cool fortress with a colorful story.

There isn't a great deal to see in the town itself. The shuka and nearby supermarkets are the best places to load up on supplies before travel in the area. In town is the statue of Davit Bek, a local hero, and there is the small fortress of Halidzor on top of a hill on the western edge of town.

Vahanavank Monastery
4km west of Kapan

This monastery is under renovation. The site alone is worth the visit, but the monastery looked cool even during the reconstruction.

Shikahogh State Preserve

Continuing south from Kapan on the new not old! highway towards Meghri, you pass through Shikahogh, which includes Mtnadzor Canyon, with one of the most pristine forests in Armenia.