By plane
By plane

Shahjalal International Airport formerly Zia International Airport IATA: DAC, ICAO: VGZR Bengali: শাহজালাল আন্তর্জাতিক বিমানবন্দর, in Dhaka is the main gateway to the country, though Chittagong and Sylhet also receive international flights.

The national carrier is Biman Bangladesh Airlines, connecting with a few hubs in the Middle East, Asia and Europe. It has a less-than-stellar reputation for punctuality, cleanliness and safety. It is now under re-organization and most international routes have been canceled -- so look at other airlines for now.

The private carrier United Airways BD Ltd ( operates domestic and regional flights to Dhaka from Bangkok, Delhi, Dubai, Karachi, Kathmandu, Kolkata, Muscat,Jeddah, Riyadh, and Kuala Lumpur, and is far better managed than Biman. It is the best local/regional carrier currently based in Dhaka and may start intercontinental routes soon.

The Bangladesh's first private carrier GMG Airlines now cancelled their operation of domestic and international also.

Connecting from the Middle East:

There are direct flights to Dhaka from Qatar Qatar Airways and the United Arab Emirates ( or Etihad Airways ( through which you can connect to most Asian and European capitals and several North American hubs. Emirates, for instance, serves New York, Toronto and Houston from their Dubai DXB hub non-stop -- and then connects to Dhaka via a short four-hour hop.

Connecting from East Asia:

Hong Kong Chek Lap Kok and Bangkok Suvarnabhumi are the most convenient nearby hubs to reach Bangladesh from Eastern Asia Beijing, Tokyo and points further East Western United States.

Dragonair ( flies non-stop from Hong Kong to Dhaka 4~5 hours. Hong Kong as a major international hub has very good connections to the rest of the world.

Connecting from South East Asia:

AirAsia, the region's low-cost carrier, flies direct to Dhaka from Kuala Lumpur. (

Connecting from North America East Coast:

No direct flights to Dhaka yet. Cathay Pacific (http://www.cathaypacific....) has a non-stop route from New York JFK to Hong Kong over the North Pole CX830/831. Then you take a short Dragonair flight to Dhaka.

Continental ( flies to Hong Kong non-stop using the same 16-hour polar route, flying from Newark Liberty New Jersey. Again - the connection is by Dragonair.

Connecting from North America West Coast:

Cathay Pacific, Thai & Singapore Airlines now have non-stop flights from Hong Kong, Bangkok & Singapore their respective hub cities to Los Angeles. Singapore Airlines may also have a direct flight to San Francisco as well. These airlines all have direct connecting flights to Dhaka from their respective hubs.

Connecting from Australia or South Africa:

You're better off connecting via the Bangkok or Singapore hubs which are served by almost every airline -- it seems.

Connecting from Western Europe:

British Airways ( no longer serves Dhaka non-stop from London. Air India now serves Dhaka-London via a short stopover in nearby Kolkata.

Connecting from the region Indian subcontinent or China:

Connecting through Indian hubs Delhi or Mumbai to Dhaka, because of the proliferation of Indian airlines, can involve delays - though as of early 2008 these are not significant. A large number of Indian airlines e.g. Jet Airways, through several code-share agreements have direct flights to Europe, and provide convenient connections to Dhaka.

Some regional flights like those operated by Thai Airways ( stop in Chittagong or Sylhet en route to/from Dhaka.

Nearby regional destinations like Kathmandu Nepal, Paro Bhutan, Kunming China and all Indian cities are readily accessible from Dhaka in under three hours and are served by a great number of private airlines. The most exotic destination from Dhaka is to Paro Bhutan's Capital and is served by Druk-Air (, the national Bhutanese airline on Sundays 9:00 AM flight taking an hour. The approach to Paro Airport PBH is an adventure in itself.

Kunming is the other newest exotic addition to Dhaka's air-linked cities and has one flight a week Thursdays. China Eastern Air ( Flight 2035 arrives in Dhaka from Kunming KMG at 12:40 PM. Flight 2036 then departs at 1:40 PM and takes two and a half hours to reach Kunming - a relaxed hinterland Chinese city which is the capital of Yunnan province. At present November 2007 this is the only direct air-link to the Chinese mainland from Bangladesh.

By train
By train

Train services from India were suspended for 42 years, but the Maitree Express started running again between Dhaka to Kolkata in April 2008. The service is biweekly: A Bangledeshi train leaves Dhaka every Saturday, returning on Sunday, while an Indian train leaves Kolkata on Saturdays and returns the next day.

By bus
By bus

The only open land borders are those with India. No land crossing is possible to Myanmar occasionally Bangladesh passport holders are allowed to cross from Teknaf, though this changes regularly.