Dalhousie is known for its great valleys and high mountain ranges. Places like Panchpula are known for trekking. There are waterfalls, places to trek, or to sit down, relax, and experience nature. It is 5 km from G.P.O. Dalhousie Chowk. Going there is easy by bus, taxi, etc., but going on foot is a marvellous experience. This Place Registered its Name in History. As here Lies the Memorial of Amar Ajit Singh Uncle of Shaheed Bhagat Singh

Go to the Tibetan market and have a look around just for fun.

Enjoy long walks; carry an umbrella if its cloudy.

Picnics are the thing to do in Dalhousie.

Have a barbeque if your hotel has the facilities to do so.

Star-gaze: the sky is exceptionally clear in Dalhousie at night bring your binoculars/telescope.

Enjoy a ride on the ponies in Khajjiar.

Trek: it's a fantastic place to trek.

Go see the sites: ask the locals, there are a lot of places not covered in this wiki.