From the mountaintop at billing, but if you take a tandem flight check that the pilot is carrying a reserve parachute & ask him to show you the age sticker of his glider, if it's more that 7 or 8 years old, think again, there is no maintenance programme or safety check on the equipment. paragliding in bir and vicinity is the subject of jim mallinson’s entertaining feature length documentary dvd “temples in the clouds” aim television 2008.

Deer Park Institute

Buddhism. Deer Park Institute ( located on the old Dzongsar Institute campus offers courses and workshops to explore various aspects of Buddhism and other classical Indian wisdom traditions. Most classes are taught in English and are free of charge. Accommodation is available on site.

Guna Institute

(http://www.mangalashribhu...) offers a five-year tibetan translators degree program under the guidance of dzigar kongtrul rinpoche.