Variety of accommodation on sliding scale

The Dharmalaya Institute offers volunteer and service-learning opportunities for short- and long-term visitors. Activities include earthen building traditional adobe and bamboo eco-construction, organic farming, tree planting, permaculture landscaping, etc. The best times to volunteer are October-December and March-June, but work can be done year-round for those who don't mind the cold of winter and the rain of the monsoon season. Volunteers must apply on their website before going.

Dhanaari Hill, Bir-Sansaal Road, Ghornala Village, VPO Bir (HP)
Variety of accommodation on sliding scale
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The Dharmalaya Institute hosts weekly sitting meditation groups and talks. These group meditation and discussion sessions, which follow the curriculum of the Tergar Meditation Community, are open to everyone regardless of background or experience level. They are free of charge, with donations welcome but not required. Seasonal: see ( for details and contact them via website before visiting to be sure you go at the right time.


From the mountaintop at billing, but if you take a tandem flight check that the pilot is carrying a reserve parachute & ask him to show you the age sticker of his glider, if it's more that 7 or 8 years old, think again, there is no maintenance programme or safety check on the equipment. paragliding in bir and vicinity is the subject of jim mallinson’s entertaining feature length documentary dvd “temples in the clouds” aim television 2008.

Mountain Biking
Bir Billing
Bir Road

Mountain Biking (http://www.travelbirbilli...) in Bir is one of the best option to do around the valley. Here in the Bir Billing valley, many roads which are not motor-able and can be accessed by trekking, horse riding and mountain Biking. These trails leads to tribal part of Himachal. Experience is amazing and do it.

Deer Park Institute

Buddhism. Deer Park Institute ( located on the former campus of the Dzongsar Institute offers courses and workshops to explore various aspects of Buddhism and other classical Indian wisdom traditions. Most classes are taught in English and are free of charge. Accommodation is available on site.

Dharmalaya Institute

( is an eco-campus for volunteering earthen building, organic gardening, language instruction, meditation, yoga. dharmalaya is an indian charitable society 'devoted to education, service, and compassionate living, with a practical focus on sustainable village development, contemplative service-learning, and immersive ecotourism'. dharmalaya hosts service-learning programs and meditation retreats, providing opportunities for long-term volunteers and students to do karma yoga mindful service work for various charitable projects to benefit the local community and the natural environment. programs include natural earthen building, green job skills training for local villagers, organic farming, vernacular eco-architecture, and a tree-planting project. accommodation is available in either private rooms, dormitories, or comfortable tents, with several traditional adobe buildings are under construction in 2013-2016. must contact before visiting.

Guna Institute

(http://www.mangalashribhu...) offers a five-year tibetan translators degree program under the guidance of dzigar kongtrul rinpoche.