Sherab Ling Monastery has a simple restaurant with respectable food.

Joy Restaurant in the nearby town of Palampur serves wide variety of awesome food at reasonable rates.

in bir proper (upper bir)

Four Tables Cafe and Art Gallery - Run by Frank - an Indo-German who cooks very well. Located in Gunehar , about 2 kms from Bir Paragliding landing site.

Lhakpa Cafe in the main bazaar of Upper Bir serves tasty veg momos for lunch, but they usually run out by around 1:00pm so get there early.

Bhawani Guest House, near the west end of Bir serves a wide variety of healthy and delicious food, but one must order in advance.

Panditji, just west of the main intersection in Upper Bir, makes good pakoras, and is very gentle and warm.

in tibetan colony

Hotel Surya serves some of the best Indian meals in the Tibetan Colony and has wi-fi.

Norling a.k.a. "Garden Café" serves some of the best traveler food pasta, salads, etc. in the colony.

Another possibility is "Friends' Cafe", although their menu promises more variety than they actually can offer.

Also try Gang-Chen Cafe on the second floor above the bank.

Emaho Cafe has changed hands & no longer offers good food - simple "chinese" food is all they now serve - an institution lost.

There are three hole-in-the-wall joints near the Hotel Surya where you can find good momos, parathas, and simple Indian meals.