Taxis are usually available in the Upper Bir bus stand and in the main intersection of the Tibetan colony.

Buses ply the main north-south Bir Road fairly regularly, connecting the Bir Road turnoff from the NH20 the highway to Upper Bir. The closest bus stop for the Tibetan Colony is at Chowgan Chowk, on Bir Road about a 10-minute walk east of the colony.

The historical center of Bir is in Upper Bir Bir proper, sometimes referred to by the Tibetan community as "Indian Bir".

The Bir Tibetan Colony often simply called "Colony" by locals is at the west end of the village of Chowgan, about a 20-minute walk or five-minute taxi below Upper Bir.

Sherab Ling Monastery is a 50-to-70-minute walk or 15-minute taxi from Chowgan, or slightly longer from Upper Bir.

The village of Ghornala, a small, quiet area home to the Dharmalaya Institute on Dhanaari Hill, a Sikh meditation retreat centre, and a few cottages, is about midway between Bir and Sansaal. From Upper Bir, it's about a one-hour walk or 15-minute taxi to Ghornala and slightly longer from Chowgan or the Tibetan Colony.