The water in Bir is usually uncommonly clean, but it's still worth taking precautions. It comes from a spring in the mountains above any village, it's usually drinkable except during the monsoon when the groundwater can pollute the system, but it's wise to boil or filter it year-round because contamination can happen during storage or in the pipes. Boiled/filtered water is available in some restaurants.

Check the date on the bottles of soft drinks in all places, including shops.

Acupuncture & traditional Chinese medicine TCM from Dr. Norbu, near the main intersection in the Tibetan colony. Also does cupping and moxabustion. Clinic open 10a-1p Mon-Sat more or less. Tel: +91 98823.37181. Very good with sprains & back pain.

Bhawani Panchkarma Centre: Holistic Ayurvedic Treatment centre providing herbal treatment and various rejuvenating packages Rediscover your own unique identity with Ayurveda contact Dr Manan Soni Ayurvedacharya 919857460215 9459203257 email:

Government doctor at crossroad to Chauntra.

Homeopathic clinic: Shantideva Homeopathic Research Institute SHRI, in the Tibetan Colony, run by a homeopathic doctor from the US who treats local patients for free.

Men-Tsee-Khang: traditional Tibetan herbal medicine.

Tibetan government clinic: Allopathic medicine, including low-cost vaccinations e.g. Hepatitis B.

Veterinary clinic extremely cheap

Western medical clinic low-price vaccinations, e.g. rabies, tetanus, Upper Bir.

informational resources

A variety of information on the Bir-Billing area is available at the Bir Portal, a community-supported online guide for visitors and residents of the greater Bir area.