Tibet World
Tibet World Jogiwara Road McLeod Ganj
+91 9816999928
Opposite Rangpa Cafe, near by post office

Tibet World is a social organization dedicated to preserving and promoting Tibet's legacy and culture through a variety of programs including: •EducationInternational Language Classes,Yoga,Meditation etc. •Tibetan Cultural Events Folk show every Thursday at 6.30-7.30pm,Rs 150 p/p •Tibet World Community Cafe •Tibet World Hostel •Cultural Exchange Programs •Volunteering Opportunities « less Useful Information: Bathroom facilities, Food available for purchase, Stairs

Divine Buddha Handicrafts Temple road Mcleodganj
towards H.H. Dalai Lama Temple

also bike on rent

Courses available include yoga, meditation, reiki, Tibetan and Indian cooking classes,Tibetan language classes and Thai massage. Many courses include vegetarian meals, and are offered at meditation centers.

Cooking classes

cooking classes
Lha Charitable Trust
Temple Road
+91 18 92 220992
Rs 300 for a 2 hr class

Get your hands dirty while you learn to make different kinds of momos, Tibetan breads, and Tibetan noodles. Contact Lha to set up a class. Also have volunteer opportunities.

cooking classes
Llhamo's Kitchen

Learn how to cook traditional Tibetan food with different courses every day including soups, momos and Tibetan bread. Run by a delightful Tibetan man called Llhamo. It all takes place in Llhamo's single room house right in the centre of town.

cooking classes
Mr Sangye's Kitchen
Joqibara Rd
+91 98 1616 4540
further down from the post office and the pool hall

Learn how to cook traditional Tibetan food, different courses every day, ranging from soups, momos and Tibetan bread.

cooking classes
Trimurti Cooking Class

Choose any three from a wide variety of Indian dishes, and Rajni will show you how to make it all in her small, pleasant kitchen. Rajni began teaching classes and doing laundry to support herself after her husband was left paralysed by a tragic fall. Ask for her above the Himalayan Adventures store in upper Bhagsu, near the steps to Dharamkot.


Triund Hill

If you are in for a brisk walk, climb the hill beyond Dharamkot to Triund. Provides a beautiful view of the first peaks of the Himalayas and a wide view over the plains. As the peak is 2,875 m, make sure to wear good shoes, carry water, some food if you and an extra vest or coat. At the top, even in summer, the weather can change from hot and sunny into a small snowstorm very quickly. Every year some tourists get themselves into serious trouble this way, wearing only sandals and a T-shirt. People coming from plain areas must acclimatize for a day or two before attempting this hike. If you want to warm up before the Triund trek, try the trek to Guna temple. This is a 5 km trek one way, through jungle and is quite a climb. If you want to do a shorter trek , hire a small car from McLeodganj for Rs 300-350 to Galu Devi. Please note; this is not Guna Devi. From there its a 3 hr climb to Triund. If you plan to stay overnight at Triund , there is a Forest Rest house Rs 500 per night reservations for which can be made in person at Tourist Office in Dharamsala town. Take a long your personal double bedsheet but be aware there is no running water or electricity. So a torch , spare batteries is a must. If the Forest house is booked , then you can hire tents there for around Rs 300 a person.

Bhagsu Waterfall
3 km from Dharamsala

An easy walk down Bhagsu Rd through the village of the same name, then 1 km up to the waterfall itself. Despite a sign advising visitors not to venture further, the path to the waterfall is in reasonable shape, except for the final 50 m which are distinctly dodgy, especially in slippery weather. Be careful if you decide to take a bath in the upper pools of the waterfall, as there may be shards of glass in the water.

Dal Lake
4 km from Dharamsala, past Naddi

Fairly well signposted. A small pond situated at a high altitude surrounded by tall pine trees.

Indrahar pass

Passes through the snowbound Dhauladhar Range in the Kangra valley. This Trek ends at Lamu.

Meeting the dalai lama

meeting the dalai lama

Meeting or at least getting to see the Dalai Lama (http://www.dalailama.com) is the dream of a lifetime for many people, an intensive spiritual experience for Buddhists and a memorable moment for people of other faiths. It's also very difficult to pull off, so don't plan on it. It requires a good deal of luck.

If you want to give it your best shot, the first thing to do is make sure that His Holiness is actually in town when you visit. He travels frequently. His website lists his yearly itinerary and an email to the office will confirm his travel dates. While he does give scheduled public teachings, these are crowded. There are some that are only scheduled a few days in advance, so keep your eyes and ears open in Dharamsala. He no longer gives public audiences, so the ultimate goal is a private audience. However, requests for private audiences are carefully screened and studied - and you have to have a really good reason or an "in". Applicants are asked to provide detailed information on themselves as well as the specific reasons why they want to see His Holiness. Private audiences are usually scheduled three times a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. In general, requests for individual meetings need to be made very far in advance. Requests made at short notice will not be entertained.

The Dalai Lama's administrative office is in the Tsuglagkhang Complex. When you face his house, which has a gate with Indian guards in front of it, it's the last door on your right, at the end of the complex. This office is open all day, six days a week. The man behind the desk will tell you to apply online and give you the website address. Go to an internet cafe and do it if you haven't already done it and been rejected months in advance so that you can say that you have, but it probably won't get you anywhere. If the receptionist is there alone, then His Holiness is not giving private audiences. If a bunch of people are there holding slips of paper with their personal information and their passports, he's giving private audiences, they usually occur around noon. There is heavy security and you need a reason. Chat with everyone.

Some people get in as a group, like a documentary crew or a family whose father is a politician. Actually, talk to everyone in Dharamsala about His Holiness, and you're bound to run into someone who is on his staff or knows someone on his staff. At the office, drop the name of every person you met. If you are visibly ill, you may get an audience based on that. Granted, this "audience" will probably last the time it takes for him to bless you, which is about 10 seconds, and an additional Rs 5 to pose for a photo. A photographer is provided and you are not allowed to bring your own camera.

To meet the Dalai Lama is something most Tibetans worldwide only dream of so count your blessings if you receive an audience. Bring a khata white scarf - they can be purchased for a few rupees, but since you'll probably be treasuring that khata, you might want to shell out Rs 20 for a nicer one. If he poses for a picture with you the security office will tell you to return with a blank CD and they will burn the picture onto a CD. Blank CDs can be purchased from the tech stores on Temple Rd for about Rs 50. Remember to show appreciation for anyone whose name you might have dropped to get in. Donate to their monastery, eat at their restaurant or whatever you feel is appropriate. This isn't expected but it's a nice thing to do.

Every year in February-March for ten days or so, and occasionally at other times, the Dalai Lama holds public lectures. Registration at the Tibetan Branch Security Office near Hotel Tibet is necessary, preferably 3-4 days beforehand although shorter notice may be possible. Bring a cushion to sit on, a FM radio with headphones to listen to the simultaneous translation from Tibetan to English, a cup for tea, and a sunhat/umbrella, but as little else as possible since security is tight. The last day of teaching concludes with public prayers, for which no security pass is needed. Donations are welcome.

meeting the dalai lama
17th Karmapa

A temporary residence is at the Gyuto Tantric University in the town of Sidhbari near McLeod Ganj.


Tibet World
Boghsu Road

(http://www.tibetworld.org/) tibet world is a social organization dedicated to preserving and promoting tibet's legacy and culture through a variety of programs including. tibet world is a place you can find everything related tibet •educationinternational language classes,volunteers are needed for english, french, chinese, and german classes, vocational training, health and environmental awareness education, distribution of clothes and medicine, a community kitchen and many other programs and activities.


There are some opportunities to volunteer whilst in Dharamsala. For longer term options such as 1 month or more ask at the Tibet World office near by post office. Staff there are very friendly and always welcoming if people wish to teach, tutor or get involved in conversational classes.

Lha Social Work

(http://www.lhasocialwork.org/). lha is one of the largest charitable social work organizations in dharamsala and mcleod ganj and aims to provide vital resources and services for tibetan refugees, the local indian population, and people from the himalayan regions. volunteers are needed for english, french, and chinese classes, it classes, vocational training, health and environmental awareness education, distribution of clothes and medicine, a community kitchen and many other programs and activities.

Mountain Cleaners

(http://www.mountaincleane...). mountain cleaners is an environmental non-governmental organisation ngo involved in waste management activities for businesses, locals and tourists in the dharamsala area. the organisation also arranges clean-up treks, and children's days that volunteers can participate in.

Tesi Environmental Awareness Movement

(http://www.ecotibet.org/). if you are an environmental expert, then contact this non-profit tibetan group.

Rogpa Cafe

Jogibara rd, is always looking for volunteers to work in the cafe or to look after children at the day care centre. this is a 2 week commitment. all proceeds go to the rogpa day care centre that provides free services for local children.

Volunteer Tibet

(http://www.volunteertibet.org/). teaching english and computer skills are common options. this organisation may likely pass you over to lha or other organisations. there are also a few institutions that provide for the benefit of exiled tibetans and local indians. there are also ads on billboards and in the free local magazine "contact".

Tibet Hope Center

(http://volunteerinfoindia.org/). tibet hope center is a local ngo that works to help tibetan refugees learn english language and build life skills. drop-in and long term volunteer opportunities are available for teaching in english. the center is located on jogiwara road near gu-chu-sum.


You may also approach Tibetans in social circles to help them improve their English whilst getting to know each others' culture and personal story. Be mindful of accepting requests for private tutorage from monks on the streets. After a few days they may subject you to demands for sponsorship, however stories of this are rare. It may be best to go through a credible and well established organisation if you want to provide assistance in this way.

In general most monks and lay people are incredibly grateful to have you help them with their English and it is a great way to get to know Tibetan people on a more personal level. The easiest way to help out is to drop into LHA on Temple Rd, or LIT on Jogibara Rd and sign up for tutoring. A commitment of one month is preferred.

Yoga, meditation, healing, paragliding

yoga, meditation, healing, paragliding
Dhamma Sikhara
Himāchal Pradesh
near Dharamkot

10 days meditation course. You need to register in advance at their web-site (http://www.dhamma.org/). The course will teach you the Vipassana technique. You have to be completely silent, and you are provided 2 meals and very light dinner. The course is free, but you can leave a donation if you please. The course is a fairly intense form of meditation retreat 14 hr days in the Theravada tradition. Previous meditation experience is not required as you will be asked to set aside your current practices while learning Vipassana "seeing things as they are".

yoga, meditation, healing, paragliding
Tushita Meditation Centre
10 day course starts at Rs 4,800

10 day Introduction to Buddhism/meditation courses, 5 day meditation courses, and more mostly residential. Silence is held most of the day but there are also discussion groups after philosophy lessons. Situated near Dharamkot, Tushita practices the Tibetan mahayana tradition. Register online or at Tushita. Prices are inclusive of all lodging, lessons and 3 meals a day of very tasty vegetarian food. Set cost per day is around Rs 500 including food & lodging, can provide a gradual introduction to those new to Buddhism.

yoga, meditation, healing, paragliding
Asho Institute
Bhagsu Village

Courses in ayurvedic nutrition and tai-chi.

yoga, meditation, healing, paragliding
Amit Reiki & Yoga Centre
Jogiwara Rd, B, Mcleodganj
+91 94 18909046
below Yongling School

Reiki, Yoga & Meditation courses

yoga, meditation, healing, paragliding
Buddha Hall-Reiki with Usha'
opposite the German Bakery

Courses in reiki I,II,III and master as well as tarot and crystal healing from Buddha hall in Bagsu. Flexible and compassionate teacher.

yoga, meditation, healing, paragliding
Guerrilla Yoga
go down the stairs at Yongling School. It's the big green building

5 day yoga courses of several varieties in McLeod Ganj. Private instruction is available. New studio, opened in March of 2008, great staff, very friendly. Also has local art for sale, commission free.

yoga, meditation, healing, paragliding
Yoga TTC & NLP
Jogiwara Rd, B, Mcleodganj
below Yongling School

Yoga TTC & NLP. Become a Teacher, Learn to inspire, Share your love for the practice. A Yoga Alliance Certified 200 Hour Teacher and NLP Training.

yoga, meditation, healing, paragliding
Ashta Yoga Valley
below yongling school, jogiwara road
climb down the stpes from Hotel mount view,pass universal yoga

Come and join us for Mysore Style Ashtanga Yoga.

yoga, meditation, healing, paragliding
Kundalini Yoga
Thardoeling, Near HH Dalai Lama temple, Mcleod Ganj
+91 98 1685 1691

Yoga classes.

yoga, meditation, healing, paragliding
Tibetan Buddhism and language
+91 98 0539 1799
9AM-12PM and 2PM-5PM. Mon-Sat

Courses include; Tibetan buddhism, Tibetan language, Hindi language.

yoga, meditation, healing, paragliding
Esukhia: Tibetan Language Classes
Bhagsu Rd (near Lhamos Croissant)
9AM-5PM Mon-Sat

One-on-one tutoring in Tibetan language with native speakers. All levels welcome. Offers hourly tutoring, daily classes, and intense but effective full-time immersion programs.

yoga, meditation, healing, paragliding
Yogi Cottage
Bhagsu Rd

Yoga alliance approved Rs 200-500 yoga teacher training programs, reiki lessons for individuals or groups.

yoga, meditation, healing, paragliding
Paragliding Professional in India
Billing Village

team "flyoctane".

yoga, meditation, healing, paragliding
Kailash School of Yoga & Holistic Healing
100 m from the main square. Walk down the stairs from the Green Shop

Ashtanga Vinyasa and tribal hatha yoga classes are available daily to everyone on a drop-In basis. Treatments and sessions in reiki, ayurvedic massage, meditation and 'sound healing' are available but have to be arranged at least 1 day in advance. Short and long-term courses.