Malabar Restaurant
McLeod Ganj

Jogibara rd near the bus stand, 11am-11pm everyday. serves indian standards along with a few selections of chinese and some continental dishes. this is one of the oldest restaurants in town.

Taste of India

Jogibara rd, 10am-11pm everyday. some say it's the best indian food in town, others find it mediocre, but it's certainly popular; this depends on whether you are lucky with your order: the best is absolutely fantastic, but sometimes the dishes are bland. the owner runs 2 day cooking courses from the restaurant, but they are not participatory. the cooking courses are similar to watching a cooking show, leaving one to write down the recipes as there are no reference materials handed out. she also owns a south indian restaurant on bhagsu rd, one of the last shops in mcleod on the way to bagsu, which serves simple but very tasty southern dishes.

Shangri La Restaurant

On jogibara rd near the bus stop is a great little cafe run by monks and with all proceeds going to gyudmed monastery. try the shangri la sandwich for breakfast. meals for dinner also good quality and well priced.

Le Vrai Café

Jogibara rd, just above the chocolate log, and down the hill from the post office. this is the place to get european continental food and atmosphere. run by a franco-tibetan couple, expect top quality coffee, plenty of chess and a real locals' atmosphere. epitomises the trans-nationality of mcleod, to be celebrated and savoured.

Maza Falafel
Near Bhagsu Temple
Good falafel for Rs 70
Opposite German Bakery
Om Hotel

near the main bus square in mcleod ganj. family run restaurant/hotel has great mexican and tibetan food, and is very cheap. great view from terrace.

Pema Thang's Guest House

Bhagsu rd opposite bhagsu hotel 11am-10pm everyday. continental and local styled vegetarian food. try the fried banana with nuts and the pepperoni pizza. they also serve great thenthuk.

Pizzicato Cafe

Palampur palampur shopping centre, next to the auto-rickshaw stand. famous for its dark chocolate pastry made from fat free yogurt. it has a good selection of pizzas and toasted sandwiches.

Rewa Cafe

Jogiwara rd, down the hill, 5 min past the post office. good tibetan food.

Dolma & Dorjee
Bagsu Rd
in the last bend of the road to Bhagsu, just before you leave McLeod Ganj.

Small inexpensive restaurant at the quieter end of Bagsu Rd. Run by a delightful, friendly family who give the place its character. Excellent banana bread and good chai.