The whole town is plush with scenic beauty and tea gardens.

Neugal Khad

This is a 300 metre wide channel located about 2 km outside Palampur. There is an old suspension bridge across the channel, from where you can get an excellent view of the Dhauladhars. There is a small cafe next to the parking lot where you can get tea and cookies.

Saurabh Van Vihar

This is a beautiful garden located next to the Neugal Khad which is situated just outside the city. It has numerous walks, a pond with boating, lots of medicinal plants and a serene atmosphere. A small restaurant serves basic snacks and lunch.

Jakhni Mata Temple
is a temple at nature's paradise 7 km from the Bundla Mata temple 5km from the city. The climb is very steep, so it's better to take a car to go there. To get a nice view of the valley, go behind the temple to their toilet complex. Behind that you will see an awesome view of the valley and small villages.
Baijnath Temple
is about 16 km from here. It is a historic temple of Lord Shiva and it is there from the reign of pandavas, one will find it amazing. It has beautiful monuments which are worth seeing. It is said that Ravana built this temple to worship Lord Shiva. There is a Yagaya Kund where it is believed that Ravana performed Yagaya to please Lord Shiva.
Chamunda Devi Temple
is about 17 km from Palampur and is very popular destination for Indian tourists. It is believed that it is a place where Devi Chamuda killed two evils named Chand and Mund. The temple is very beautiful and it is along a river side which adds to its beauty. From the top of a hill it is an awesome view.
Naam Art Gallery
located at Sidhbari Dharamsala is about 32 km from Palampur .A German painter, Elisabeth Buschmann, who has made the Dharamsala area her home, has now opened an art gallery--"NAAM"-- at Sidhbari village on Dharamsala-Chamunda road to display her paintings.The abstract paintings of Elisabeth displayed in a portion of the gallery illustrate various shades of spirituality that crossed her mind while meditating.A section of the gallery also displays paintings of Alfred W. Hallet.
Brijeshwari Temple
is another famous temple which is about 35 km from Palampur. It is situated in the heart of Kangra city.

BUNDLA MATA MANDIR- is a temple 4 km from the town on the NUEGAL CAFE ROAD. It is a worthseeing place full of of nature's blessings. Aima Tikka Aima is one of the central place with majority of Posh Palampurian's living over there. Aima is Accomplished by beautiful tea garden's.

Virni Mata temple: It is located at the height of 2000-2500 meters above sea level, where one can find unsurpassed creation of God

BHARKUDI- is a tourist place worth seeing: it is filled with fountains and caves and there is a temple of Lord Shiva. It is 25 km from Palampur on Andretta Road.

Sardar Sobha Singh's art gallery- a great place for art lovers. It is just 12 km away from Palampur and well connected by bus or by train. Sardar Sobha Singh Ji was a world-famous painter. His paintings like Kangari Dulhan, Gaddan, are great.