Kinnaur Kailash

Views of this stunning snow-capped mountains abound from Kalpa, you'll likely be staring at it as the sun sets.

Tibetan Buddhist temple

A small nondescript gompa in the middle of the village. Great views of Kinnaur Kailash.

Hindu temples
down and behind the Buddhist temple

A complex of wooden temples against the backdrop of Kinnaur Kailash. Some interesting wooden sculptures.

Roghi village
8 km from Kalpa village

A small village near Kalpa with lots of apple orchards and providing a good insight into the village life at these parts of Himachal Pradesh

trek upwards along the water channel

hire a local guide and trek up the mountain from Kalpa. Uphill takes 2-4 hours, downhill would take 1.5 hours. Recommended to start by 9:30 AM