Nako Lake

is a small and beautiful holy lake. Early in the morning is the most scenic — if the water is still you get a beautiful reflection of the village and mountains in the lake. Follow the path around the left side of the hotel.

Walk around the small village

absorbing the traditional atmosphere and architecture — it looks like it hasn't changed in hundreds of years.

day walks

There are some nice day walks around the mountains if you're reasonably fit. Behind the lake you can head up the mountain towards the visible chortens which is a nice viewpoint. If you still have a lot more energy continue around to the other side of the range for views east towards Tibet. In 3 to 4 hours you can reach the village of Tashigang perched high above the Sutlej valley, with an interesting temple. The only things you'll encounter underway are sheephearders and great views.

Nako Monastery
Free, donation appreciated
in the middle of the village

Allegedly founded by Ringchen Zangpo in 996 AD. A complex of small old temples with fine old sculptures and frescoes, sadly some of them neglected. There's also a new temple built in recent years.

Gates in the village streets

Built from stone and wood and painted in the inside with colourful Buddhist religious paintings.