Lahaul and Spiti – if you're heading up into Lahaul and Spiti, make sure you pick up a mandatory Inner Line Permit in Reckong Peo Rs 150, good for 14 days. Or can be obtained for free in Shimla before setting out. Some place are restricted for foreigners. From Reckong Peo, a bus should take around 4-5 hours to reach the landslide at Malling Nullah the road was washed out several years back, and is still not crossable by vehicle. Once there you'll hand over your bags to be shuttled across on the wire by basket Rs 5/ea, while you'll spend 45 min or so exerting yourself as you hike up and around the rockfall. It's not too strenuous, but expect to break a sweat, at least a little. Once on the other side, you'll hopefully find a bus waiting to take you towards Tabo 2 hours.