Places visit are as following :VAISHNO DEVI TEMPLE : Vaishno Devi Temple is located just 5 kim form Kullu on the Kullu-Manali Road N.H. No.1.

JAGGANNATHI TEMPLE : Jaggannathi temple is situated at Bhekhali just 7 km from Kullu and before Vaishno Devi Temple.

RAGHUNATH TEMPLE : This temple is situated at Sultanpur, I km form main Kullu Bus Stand. The temple is dedicated to Raghunath Ji, the chief deity of Kullu. World famous Kullu Dussehra is held after his name. It is believed that the idol in the temple is the one that was used by Lord Rama while performing the 'ASHWAMEGHYAGNA'

BIJLI MAHADEV : Bijli Mahadev temple is a 'Khash' style temple that has a 'SHIVLINGAM' installed in it. This tempe is situated in a main Town with lush green forests sin the background, 14 km from Kullu, at height of about 1924 m. This place got its name after the great miracle that occurs occasionally. The Shivlingam is struck by lightning and it breaks into pieces, then the priest of the temple collects all the pieces and joints them to get here with the help of butter, which acts as an adhesive. During July, a great rush of people comes here to pay homage to LORD SHIVA.

KHIR-GANGA : Khirganga is situated also in Parvati Valley at a distance of 22 km form Manikaran. For reaching Khirganga one have to go by bus up to Barshaini and from there to Khirganga on foot. This trek leads through hilly terrain. This is the place where 'kartik ji', the eleder son of Lord Shiva remained in Samadhi for thousand years.

From Khirganga back to Kullu and Night halt at Kullu.

MANIKARAN : Manikaran is situated in Parbati Valley at the distance of 32 km from Bhuntar. The water from the hot sulphur spring at Manikaran is said to have medicinal value and is a cure for an number of chronic ailments. Manikaran is also known for temple of 'Lord Shiva' who remained in 'Samsadhi' for eleven thousand year in 'Treta Yug' . Temple of 'Maryada Parshotam Ram' Naina Mata and Gurdwara are also there.manikara sahib is a pilgrim of sikhs. here sikh's 1st Guru Guru Nanak Dev Ji, had come. Its a big Gurudwara, many people in thousands visit it every day, free food lanagar is served round the clock for any one of any religion.

ADI-BRAHMA TEMPE, KHOKHAN : Adi Brahma Temple is located in the village Khokhan just 4 km from Bhuntar. It is a massive wooden structure. This temple has idols of Adi-Bhahma ji in the center and temple of 'Garh Jogni & Manikaran Jogni' on the left and right side of the temple.

TRIYUG NARAYAN TEMPLE, DYAR : Tryyug Narayan Temple is located in the village Dyar 12 km from Bhuntar. This 'Pagoda' style temple is dedicated to 'BHAGWAN VISHNU JI' Idols of Bavan Avtar, Budh and Bramari Devi are also there in the temple. This temple was built in 800 AD.Night halt at Bhuntar.

BISHWESHWAR TEMPLE, BAJAURA : Bishweshwar Temple is located in the village Bajaura just 5 km from Bhuntar. It is the largest and the most attractive stone temple of Kullu Valley. This temple, built in the ninth century in pyramid style, is built on SHANKRACHARYA Padhati of Panch Dev Puja. It is said that the Pandavas built it in one day. Due to its wonderful architecture, it withstood the severe earthquake of 1905. This temple has been declared as a protected monument.