There are a host of activities that can be done in the areas surrounding Kaza. Mountain biking from Manali to Kaza is a popular activity - also popular are numerous trek routes through virgin regions.If you are not in a big group and don't have a pre-arranged tour to Spiti, taxis can be an expensive proposition, especially since no other means of transport is plausible in order to visit the nearby Ki and Komik Gompas. In such a case, a very helpful person who goes by the name of Dorje and who works as a mechanic at the Himachal Pradesh State Bus Shelter, should be called upon. Dorje charges Rs. 150 per person in 2010 to Komik Gompa as opposed to Rs. 600 that is charged by local cabs for to and fro journeys. Since Dorje is a well loved local, he also provides good information about Spiti and its traditions which can be quite quirky. The only drawback of his cab service to Komik is that you have to spend the night at the Gompa at their guest house which costs Rs. 150. If you have time, it can be a great experience and can get to know quite a few local people who also hitch rides with Dorje since he is reasonably priced. The same cab comes back the next morning with the people back to Kaza.