In an attempt to encourage responsible travel and conservation in the region, an organization called Ecosphere has set up an office shop near the Kaza market, where you can refill clean and safe drinking water, instead of buying multiple plastic mineral water bottles. Here you can also buy seabuckthorne juice and concentrate. Grown in Spiti valley, seabuckthorne is a "magical" berry with a combination of nutrients not found in any plants, and its commercialization has created sustainable incomes for women in the region.

There is an 'English Wine & Beer Shop' on the main street in Kaza, selling a typical stock of beer, Indian whisky and 'Old Monk' rum. The local alcohol is made of barley and has two varieties - Chang, the local barley beer and Arakh, the local barley whiskey. These are not freely available in shops, but most locals will be able to arrange a bottle for a nominal price. Another option is to go to Zangchuk guest house and ask the owner to arrange for it.