Monastery: This is situated about 20 kms from Kaza. Every visitor is greeted by a complimentary tea. The monks might give a guided tour also. Photography is not allowed inside the prayer rooms but is allowed in the outdoor areas.

Komik village

This is a situated at a height of 4275m. It has a small monastery women are not allowed inside during prayers. Fossils are also found in this region. The villagers might try to sell the fossils but its probably not legally allowed to buy and transport the fossils.

Kibber village

Frequently , and wrongly claimed by the locals as the highest village in the region.

Sakya Kaza Monastery

A recently built monastery which was inaugurated on July 9th, 2009 by His Holiness The Dalai Lama.

Dhankar monasteries

Dhankar is about 40 kms from Kaza in the direction of Peo. You can get there either by a taxi, which will take you all the way up the mountain to the monastery, or by the Himachal Pradesh Road Transport bus leave at 7AM, return at 3PM from Shichling. The bus will drop you at the junction between Dhankar and Shichling villages. From the Shichling fork, you need to trek nearly 10 kms to get to the monastery by motorable road or by one of the numerous steep mountain trails. There are two gompas at Dhankar village, the much-famed, 1000 year old monastery hidden in the Spitian mountain rocks and the new Gompa, inaugurated recently by the Dalai Lama. The old monastery is literally tethering on the edge and the 60 monks who live in the Gompa are being relocated to the new Gompa until the restoration and reinforcement of the older Gompa is complete. Do visit both the Gomaps if you get a chance. The lamas at the older monastery are very helpful and the inquisitive little Dhankar boys studying to become lamas will invariably be more than happy to show you around. If you have a chance to meet the head lama at Dhankar, make sure you grab the opportunity to see him.

Dhankar Lake

Situated at about an hour's worth of trek from the Dhankar monstery, this lake's pristine waters and surreal location takes you to another place.