Lahaul and Spiti

Lamas Monks are best guide to any Gompa Monastery, initially they may be a bit reserve, but few questions and a smile will open them up. They will not only take you for a guided tour but open up locked treasure troves and most probably you will end your visit with a refreshing cup of tea and lifelong memories.Do check up with Lamas before you start taking photographs of interior areas/prayer halls.

Key Gompa( Key Monastery)
– 11 century monastery 12 Kms from Kaza and Kibber Village another 8 Kms.
Saskyagongmig Gompa (Tangyud Monastery)
Dhankar Gompa
– is a fascinating site to behold. Nearly 1000 years old, it's beautifully perched among the rocks. Very basic accommodation is available in the "new monastery" for around Rs 150, and basic food will be served at meal times.It is 35Kms from Kaza.

Old Dhankar Gompa has been damaged due to rains. Historically Spiti Valley received hardly any rain, but due to climate change, intensity of rainfall is increasing. Gompa can withstand heavy snowfalls but not rains. Mudslide from mountain and seeping rainwater in mud-walls are slowly destroying this beautiful Monastery. Ask Lamas monks to take you around and they will show you damaged wall paintings and tell you about their losing battle. Do visit attached Museum, it’s a small one but entry fee goes to the restoration fund and if you are feeling generous, please do make a contribution to ‘Save Dhankar Monastery Fund’.

Tabo Monastery
– ( its 50 Kms from Kaza, established 996 AD, one of the oldest functioning Buddhist monastery. Original wall paintings and artefacts are still preserved.
Gungri Monastery
– a nyigma monastery founded by Padmasambhava in 1330AD. It is located 18 km into the Pin Valley
Chandra Taal
Lake of the moon – a beautiful natural lake surrounded by hills.

Khoksar: Khoksar is the entrance point for Lahul. This village is the gateway for Lahul and situated at an altitude of 3140 meter from the sea level, right side bank of the Chandra River. Khoksar river remains fully covered with snow in winter time, it is the coldest place of Lahul during winter season.

Sissu: Sissu is located at an altitude of around 3130 meters, on the right bank of the Chandra River. This village is locates on a flat ground. There is a very good plantation of poplars and willows on the both side of the road of this village. This plantation is very dense and even during summer time, sun rays don’t get success to penetrate it.