Kora Community Café,

Run by the very friendly vijay, is the de-facto place for visitors to rewalsar of all stripes. kora has a decent menu, including pancakes on the breakfast menu, and a selection of indian and chinese and tibetan momo dishes on the lunch/dinner menu. the cashew nut fried rice is very good, the thali is an ample amount of food for a good price. though the portions are small relative to what you’d get in a dhaba, the cooks are very accommodating of people who prefer not very spicy food. the prices are on the high end for rewalsar, but inexpensive relative to the rest of the region, especially if you come to rewalsar from places like mandi or dharamsala.

The food in Rewalsar is decent, with a modest selection of restaurants, many places serving both Indian and Tibetan food, and a smattering of Chinese dishes as well.

The restaurant at the Lotus Lake Hotel has good food as well – go up the driveway to the main building to get faster service.

Near the Zigar Drugpa Kagyud Monastery is a Tibetan Restaurant – a fine selection of Indian and Tibetan dishes, the prices are similar to that of Kora Community Café, and the portions are a bit bigger.

CafésThere are the usual outdoor stands selling things from corn to puffed sweets filled with cream, cucumber and tomato sandwiches, and the ubiquitous chai and bread. It is nice to try some of them, as it gives the locals some business.

If you’re hankering for coffee, there are a couple of choices. Emaho! Café attached to the Drikung Kagyu Monastery has the only espresso machine in town, Westerners can get their caffeine fix here, and, if you’re lucky, there are pastries and homemade cakes and muffins to go with it – just like Starbucks and Peete’s Coffee back home, only better. Ask Tendzin Dawa about the 21 ingredients that go into his lovingly prepared cakes, baked fresh every day.

On the other side of the lake, the Guru's Feet Coffee Shop sells Italian stove-top style Espresso and Cappuccinos served with home-baked granola bars or yummy chocolate muffins. You can chill here without hassle and pick-up a book or people watch.

Kora Community Café serves filtered coffee, the early-morning favorite before Emaho & Guru's Feet open their doors after 9am.

And of course, there’s always chai from the stands and dhabas.

Indian foodDhabas on the market road near the bus stand offer basic indian fare for very cheap prices. Check out the ones on the lakeside of the road for hearty aloo potato parantas in the morning, and a hearty serving of rice, dal, and cucumber in the afternoon and evening.

tea shops

there is one really good tea shop on lake road near the hindu temple it serves delicious pakoras and chai and if you are lucky enough you may get fresh ladoo's