monastery guest houses

Most of the monasteries have guest houses, which are a significant source of income, and often very comfortable places to stay. It can be difficult to arrange in advance, but if you hop off of a bus at a reasonable hour between 9am – 7pm, you can inquire at all of them about availability of rooms. Except for peak season Oct-Nov, there will be no problem finding a room at the last minute. If you are going to arrive late or very early, it is best to book ahead so they are expecting you.

Drikung Kagyu MonasteryThe bus will let you off in the marketplace. If you walk back on the road the bus pulled in on toward the arch that leads to the inner ring road of Rewalsar, go through the arch, on the right you will see Drikung Kagyu Monastery. On the road is the monastery’s café, called Emaho! Inquire inside about available rooms. Rooms range from Rs 150 shared bath, no hot water – Rs 750 attached bathroom, hot water shower. Drikung Kagyu has the best views of the big statue of Padmasambhava from the rooms and the café. There are rooms with views of the statue and lake at every price level.Rooms are available for longer stay week/monthat discounted price.Email :, Cell : 9816735264

Nyingma GompaIf you start to circle the lake clockwise as is the custom, you will come upon the Nyingma Gompa monastery. Go into the shop on the left to inquire about rooms. Rooms range in price from Rs 100 – Rs 500 per night.

Zigar Drugpa Kagyud MonasteryContinuing up the hill past the Nyingma monastery, the road goes down to the right to continue around the lake. Go up to the left, and at the next juncture you will find the Zigar Drukpa Kagyud Monastery. You can inquire about rooms next to the Tibet shop on the right. They have two guest houses. One is in town, where rooms range from Rs 100-Rs300 per night, and the other is behind the big statue of Padmasambhava, which is a little bit of a hike, but has great views of the rest of Tso Pema. Rooms at the Statue are Rs 500/night with attached bathroom and hot water.


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