Kasauli Club

Within the indian army premises, kasauli club is one of the most prestigious social clubs in india. its membership is highly sought after, and, thus, there's an average waiting time of 15 years. the club is managed by a regular indian army officer assigned as the 'club secretary'. the remaining staff is comprised of civilians. the history of this club dates back to the british era when, kasauli was founded as an accessible summer retreat. typical of hill architecture, the club was constructed mostly of seasoned wood. some years ago, tragedy stuck when a malfunctioning electric component started a fire which razed the club. a new and much-improved wood structure has since replaced the old one. the interior finish and decor are lavish. facilities include lodging 4–5 rooms, a squash court that has been redone recently, two tennis courts, bridge/card rooms, billiards, and an outdoor garden. the club has sisterly ties with many other clubs across india, including the shimla club.

Hangout Kasauli Regency

A rooftop open-air restaurant and bar providing an extra relic to what you drink. enjoy the light sinuous music of live guitar bring connotation to you visit to the quaint hill station. kasauli regency is full-bodied, with 10 rooms to lodge your every need. facilities provided includes wifi internet, recreation room with table tennis, snooker and other indoor games, and, above all, the crown of the property is the roof, the top hangout. nice atmosphere, stags are not allowed. (http://www.kasauliregency.com)