Kasauli is not really a backpacker destination due to the lack of cheap accommodation. Visiting in the off-season or on weekdays will get you better prices.

Kasauli InnKasauli Inn is the cheaper hotel of the owners of the Kasauli Regency and Kasauli castle. Officialy the rooms start from R1600,-, but one of the owners likes foreign backpacker. He'll make sure you get a good discount when you visit on weekdays and the rooms are quite light, spacious and in a quiet place. A 20 min walk from the village/busstand and next door to the popular Kasauli regency hangout bar.01792272600. (http://www.kasauliinn.com/)

Blossom Resort
Jagjit Nagar
2500 +

The Blossom Resort is surrounded by thick pine trees at 5000 ft. above sea level, adjoining Kasauli. Guests enjoy the sweet smell of pine trees and the panoramic views of the natural environment around the resort.

Himlay Hotel (formerly MM Hotel)
Main Bus Stand
on main bus stand and in close proximity of Kasauli Mall Road and Kasauli Church

Affordable and convenient to reach.

Kasauli RegencyVery nice hotel apx. 20 mins walk from Kasauli centre. Prices start from R 2500,- and up. The restaurant and rooftop bar are well known by return guests. (http://www.kasauliregency.com)

Him Darshan Residency
rs 1000 (season rate)
1 km down from mall road

Spacious, clean rooms with an unobstructed view of the valley. Friendly service and delicious food especially \at breakfast!. Though down the mountain, there are easy-to-find trails leading to mall road.

Gian Hotel/Anchal Hotel
mall road
rs 500

cheapest rooms in town, convenient location. do not offer a view or high room standards.