Visit the zoo at Kufri tel:+91 177 265-2911 — home to native species such as the great Himalayan Snow Leopard, and varieties of Musk Deer. Open daily, Rs 15 per person. Special free passes are available during weekends.


In the local mountains. walk along the meandering roads to the meadows at annadale, 5 kms out of town. the glen, further west, is a favorite picnic-spot with locals. head north and visit wildflower hall, the former retreat of lord kitchner. furthur on along the hindustan-tibet road lies the quaint village of mashobra. a gravel-road indicates the entry to the seog wildlife sanctuary. the annual sipi fair is held in a little steep pathway off mashobra.

leisurely walk

Take a leisurely walk at the Mall — this 7km thoroughfare is famous for its Victorian Architecture, and retains much of its Raj-era charm. To get there, take the lifts from Cart Road, an ingenious system designed to save pedestrians from walking. Rs 7 per trip. The central area of The Mall is composed of half-timbered buildings and is the place to rub shoulders and clash knives and forks with Shimla's elite. A statue of freedom fighter Lala Lajpat Rai is located at Scandal Point, the highest point on The Mall. Further along is the very pleasant Clarke's Hotel, which is an excellent place to take a break and relax over a coffee.

Ice skating

Is possible in shimla from november to march, though kufri and chail on the outskirts of town offer better options.

Kinnaur Kailash Parikrma Trek: Kinnaur is one of the most beautiful places but very less known district of Himachal Pradesh. This place is surrounded by Tibet, Garhwal Himalayan, spitti valley and Kullu. Sutlej River also flows from the Kinnaur valley. Tourists can experience a Buddhism life style, due to its proximity to Tibet.