The Devicos
5 The Mall
+91 177 280-6335
Rs 50~150
one storey beneath street level, directly below the Café Coffee Day outlet in the vicinity of the BSNL Building

Serves good Indian food of every description one of the most extensive Indian-cuisine menus in town, complemented by some Chinese and Continental dishes; one of the very few restaurants in town with food appealing both to Indian and to Western palates. Good decor with what appears to be original art rather than reproductions. This is one of the most expensive places to eat in town apart from 5-star hotels, but seems worth it as far as Indian dishes are concerned owing to the lack of real competition. Its twin Bar, located two storeys directly above one storey above street level, is a hangout popular with the locals but not a match for the restaurant as far as decor and atmosphere are concerned. Adverse comment regarding food poisoning cases in the restaurant on the Lonely Planet website.

26 The Mall
+91 177 265-2313
Mains Rs 100-150, Desserts Rs 50

Among the town's oldest eateries, Baljees offers delicious Western and Indian fare. Their desserts, appearances and reputation to the contrary notwithstanding, are atrocious, laced with chemicals, and best avoided.

Most of the restaurants in Shimla are cheap, comfortable, atmospheric and offer good multi-cuisine food. However, if you are looking for local cuisine, the options are surprisingly limited.

Silver Oak
Circular Road
+91 177 225-7588
Rs 150

Serves Mughlai and Chinese. The food is not great, but passable. Nice decor and a comfortable atmosphere.

The Lutyens Room
Springfields, Chhota Shimla
+91 177 222-1297, 222-1298
Rs 150 and above
opposite Tibetan School

Continental and Indian food.

Ashiana & Goofa
The Band Stand, The Ridge
Rs 50-150
Open for lunch and dinner

Whatever little can be had of Himachali cuisine can be found at these twin-restaurants run by Himachal Tourism, the one located above the other. The food is neither cheap nor the best in town, but it is safe and they otherwise do their best. A good spot for people-watching, the location within a circular elevated glass building has attracted comment in guidebooks: it lies in fact on the site of a historical structure, known as the Band Stand, which was a gift to the city made in 1907 by the ruler of one of the innumerable princely states of the pre-independence India Jabalpur in what is today the state of Madhya Pradesh. Sit-in or takeaway.

The restaurant at Hotel Pinewood, Barog tel:+91 1792 238-825 & 238-387 serves cheap Punjabi fare. There's also a Cafe Coffee Day ( outlet at Solan, which sells pastries, coffee and sandwiches and a Mc Donalds on the way.

Loveena Restaurant
The Ridge

below rain shelter, restaurant with view.indian,chinese,continental.thali @Rs.110/-