By plane
By plane
Flight no. Departure Arrival Days
JA 221 DEL 7.30AM SLV 8.30AM Mo,We,Fr
IC 864 DEL 1.20PM IXC 2PM Daily
IC 864 BOM 10AM IXC 2PM Daily
OL 103 BOM 2.40PM IXC 5PM Daily
DN 537 DEL 12.50PM IXC 1.20PM Daily
9W 733 DEL 1.05PM IXC 1.50PM Daily
JA 211 DEL 7AM IXC 7.50PM Tu,Th,Sa
JA 212 DHM 10.10AM IXC 11.40AM Th,Sa
DN 538 IXJ 3.25 PM IXC 4.30 PM Daily

Shimla has its own airport at a place known as Jubbarhatti IATA code:SLV, 22 km away, a distance which — owing to the difficulties of the mountainous terrain, poor condition of road surfaces, and the increasing traffic congestion — it often takes hours to traverse by car from Shimla. The airport has severe limitations imposed both by its elevation at 1,546 metres above sea level and by the shortness of its single runway 1,230 m which ends in precipice at either end, and it can accommodate only turboprop Dornier aircraft; jets such as Airbus A310, 320s and Boeing 737s can all land at the larger Chandigarh IATA code:IXC airport. Commercial service at the Jubbarhatti Airport is operated daily to and from Delhi, by Kingfisher. The Chandigarh Airport, located at a distance of 120 km from Shimla along far better roads and at an elevation of only 308 metres above sea level, offers far better flight options. Major airlines including Indian (, Jet Airways ( and Air Deccan ( operate flights to Delhi, Jammu, and Mumbai. Most of the flights to Mumbai require a stop-over in Delhi. [ Tip, confirm the flights till the very last moment, bad weather often delays flights during the winter fog.

After landing at the airport, take a pre-paid taxi to minimize hassle. Chandigarh is a good four-hour drive away, so stop for a bite on the Kalka-Shimla highway.