Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu offers the combination of traditional as well as modern shopping. The famous market of “Raghunath Bazaar” is very popular among the tourists/ pilgrims as it is right in the heart of Jammu city. Named after the famous Raghunath Temple, this market is right next to the Raghunath Temple in Jammu. Some of the most liked restaurants in the adjoining Residency Road provide food ranging from the simple to the exotic.

A view of Residency Road near Raghunath Temple.Shops range from Handicrafts Kashmir Government Arts Emporium, Veer Marg, Jammu- Telephone No.: 0191-2542946 & Kashmir Government Arts Emporium, Bahu plaza Shopping Complex, Rail Head Jammu Telephone No.: 0191-2477693, Handloom Poshish - an Outlet of J&K Handloom Development Corporation at Vir Marg, Residency, Jammu Telephone No.: 0191-2564012 to Dry fruits. For information about Dry Fruits Shops/ outlets in Jammu click here. Besides Rajma is one of the specialty dish of Jammu. There are a number of dry fruit outlets selling a wide range of dry fruits including specialties like Rajma.

Another popular shopping place among shopping markets in Jammu is Gole Market which is a little distance away across the Tawi River in Gandhi Nagar locality. This locality is famous for modern shopping including electronics, garments, footwear and other modern accessories. Poshish - an outlet of J&K Handloom Development Corporation a shopping centre for Handloom products is also located at Gole Market, Gandhi Nagar, Jammu Telephone No.: 0191 2433982.

Traditional shopping markets in Jammu.Busy shopping centres in Jammu.Jammu is also famous for its Choclate Burfi and Sund panjeeree, famous shops for such sweets are Amritsarian Di Hatti at Raghunath Bazaar and Pahalwan Di Hatti at Gole Market Gandhi Nagar.

Jammu Kashmir Tourism Development Corporation’s Wazawan & Vegetarian Restaurants for authentic Kashmiri cuisine prepared by professional waza for traditional kashmiri cook is another popular restaurant at Residency Road, Jammu. For information on some of the popular restaurants in Jammu click here. A number of restaurants fall on the National Highway 1, making it rather convenient for the tourists on their way through Jammu city to have food. To view list of restaurants falling along the National Highway 1 click here .

There are a number of well-stocked bars and wine shops in the city, which offer a vast range of Indian and foreign liquors as well. However, national holidays and certain state holidays are dry days.

Ladakh is removed from the tension and can be considered safe.