Here, the main bazaars – Vir Marg, Raghunath Bazaar and Hari Market – are famous for Kashmiri handicrafts, traditional Dogra jewellery and various dry fruits, chiefly walnuts ‘akhrot’ and almonds. Jammu is also known for the superlative quality of its ‘basmati’ rice, ‘rajma’ red beans, ‘ampapar’ dried and candied mango peel, ‘anardana’ dried pomegranate seeds and ‘barfi’ milk sweets.

Important: In and around Jammnu the local shopkeepers will call you to show a product like Chingu blanket scheme sponsored by J&K tourism, wherein you will receive a few gifts, including bed sheet, blanket, shawl, carpet etc if you purchased the Chingu blanket, and even claim that after 21 months the 70% of the money will be returned by them, taking the old Chingu blanket from your home and giving you a thank you gift that you have chosen their product to use. The internet is flooded by this fake scheme so be sure not to get caught in to their clutches, as these are not J & K government sponsored products at all and they are making a fool of the visitors.

There are two malls in the Jammu: Wave Mall on Bathindi Road and City Square. Wave also has a cinema.