Kashmir Valley

Kashmiris celebrate the first snowfall of the season by socialising over a barbecue. They relax in the cold crisp evenings with a cup of warm kahwa... a black tea brewed with cinnamon, cardamom and honey. Also a perennial favourite is the pink coloured Nun Chai made with a special salt and served in a Samovar. Around late mornings, during spring and summer, it is interesting to see Kashmiri women bring Samovars' filled with Nun Chai along with special Kashmiri breads called Lawasa and Chochworu to their men-folk working in the fields.

Only luxury hotels in Srinagar serve beer, wine and spirits. These include hotel Broadway, The Grand-Lalit and Taj-Vivanta.

Jammu and Ladakh: Alcohol is more readily available in these areas.