Taxi from Srinagar Airport or town centre to should be Rs 2,200 and is a 2 1/2 hour trip one way. From Jammu is 8 hours to get Pahalgam.

For budget travellers, the cheapest way to reach Pahalgam is to travel to Jammu by rail and then catch a share taxi 4WD Sumo or Minibus from the Jammu bus stand to Srinagar which costs Rs. 200-400 pp and get off at Khanabal. This journey takes 6-7 hours. Within Khanabal district, catch a three-wheeler auto to Anantnag Sumo stand Rs. 30 for an auto from where you should be able to get another 4WD share Sumo to Pahalgam for Rs. 40-50 per person which drops you off at the Pahalgam Sumo stand in approximately 1-1.5 hours.

These rates vary from season to season with extreme rates in peak season Mid-April to June. For those without any budget constraints, another option is to hire a personal Sumo from Jammu bus stand to Pahalgam for Rs. 3400 March 2008. A hired sumo from Anantnag to Pahalgam costs Rs. 500-700 March 2008

Sometimes the localites confuse the word Share taxi with a hired taxi. So its easier to explain it to them by saying that you want to travel in a "Service gaadi".

Buses also ply from Jammu bus stand to Pahalgam but they are very uncomfortable and take more time 12-14 hours. The rates are around Rs. 150-200.