Remember this is a conservative Muslim area, and it would be inappropriate for men or women to wear shorts. Women should particularly avoid tight or revealing clothes.

Also, travelers should avoid any raising a political discussions in public on issues like Hindu-Muslim riots; whether Kashmir should be a part of India, Pakistan or a separate state; or any other topic that might hurt the sentiments of either Hindus or Muslims.


Kargil provides excellent sites for trekking and mountaineering such as the Nun Kun Massif, also there is large scope for river rafting in the Zanskar region of Kargil district. Kargil is known all over India for its rich apricot orchards: during summer the entire valley changes into a beautiful orange colour.

One may have a look a the Munshi Aziz Bhat Museum for Central Asian Trade and artifacts which is the main attraction for tourists in Kargil town. One may have a visit to Gongma Kargil situated on the top of the town although the general area around Kargil has pleasant scenery and would make for nice walks. Otherwise, come prepared with a good book.

The Jameh Mosque in the main street is open for visitors, but although it is a Shiite mosque, it lacks the ornaments found in Iranian mosques.