Nubra Valley

The major attractions apart from the mountain scenery and Shyok river basin to this region are cold desert and bactrian camels of Hunder and hot water springs of Panamik. Yes, there is a desert with sand dunes around Diskit and Hunder which host bactrian camels who have two humps reminding us of old times when this region was a part of Silk Route to Central Asia. Panamik hot springs are not that great with not very great amount of water oozing from mountain cervice at around 60-70 degree.


There are hotel and guest hoses at Diskit. Hunder offers plenty of camping options and Sumur has a few of those too. Several homestays options are available at Turtuk.

1. Same day return - Leh-Diskit-Hunder-Leh

2. 2 days - Leh-Sumur-Panamik-Hundernight stay in camps-Diskit-Leh

3. 2 days - Leh-Diskit-Sumur-Turtuk-Leh with night stay at either of the 3 places.

4. 3 days - Leh-Panamik-Sumurnight stay in camps-Hunder-Turtuknight stay in home-stays-Diskit-Leh