Turtuk is a city in Ladakh. A remote village of about 4,000 residents, inhabited by ethnic Muslims, a few kilometres from the 'line of control' the de facto border between India and Pakistan, on the Indian side. Until 1971 a part of Baltistan, shared strong economic and cultural ties with Tibet. The residents speak Baltistani, and some Ladakhi and English.

The area of the Shayok river past Hundar, including the three villages of Changmar, Bogdan and Turtuk, were only opened to foreign tourists in 2010, so they are still quite new in their contact with tourists and the West, and feel rather unexplored.

Turtuk is the penultimate village open to foreign tourists before Pakistan. You can go on for a few KMs to the village of Shaksey with a single guesthouse. There is another village before the Line of Control, closed off to foreigners as of August 2012.