It can be extremely pleasurable to stroll around this picturesque village.

The village is traditionally divided into three areas-

Chutang ཆུ་ཐང་- the lower portion of the village, located along the bank of the Shyok river. Most families living in the other two areas of Turtuk move down to Chutang during the winter season. Chutang roughly translates to "river plain".

Yul ཡུལ་- the oldest area of the village. Home to the older of the two mosques located in Turtuk. Yul literally means "village".

Farol ཕ་རོལ་- the area where most guesthouses and the old monastery are located. Located across the bridge from Yul. Literally "the other side of the river".

The residents of Yul and Chutang are primarily Suni and Muwahhid "Wahabi" muslims, while those residing in Farol are mostly Sufis.