Turtuk is situated at a distance of 211 km from Leh and 92 km from Diskit along the Shyok river. It is on the edge of the Shayok Valley, in popular understanding a part of the Nubra Valley area. As such, foreign visitors will need an Inner Line Permit to visit Turtuk, as for anywhere else in Nubra. Indian nationals can easily obtain these permits directly from the Magistrate Office in Leh. Foreign national have to use one of many travel agencies in Leh. You will need your passport, passport copies and between 300-450 Rs.

Before setting off to Turtuk or anywhere in the Shayok valley, prepare at least 3 photocopies of the permit more if you also plan to visit the Nubra valley, e.g. Panamik, as the checkpoints you will encounter will usually ask you to deposit a photocopy with them.

Turtuk is serviced by a local bus service from Leh a few times a week, and back. Enquire at the New Bus Stand in Leh for detailed schedule. Notice it is a long and bumpy ride, although the road is well-paved almost all the way from Leh, apart from Khardung La, as of August 2012. Most people, however, opt to share a jeep for a 2-3 day trip to the entire valley, organized in Leh; this seems quite a short time to enjoy the beautiful village, however.

Hitchhiking might be hard since there is very little traffic going on the Diskit-Turtuk road, apart from the multitude of military trucks and tourist jeeps.

It can be very pleasure to motor-cycle or bicycle in here, but there are very few places to buy provisions on the ~90km way from Diskit.

Notice the actual village is on the plateu above the Shayok river, not the houses around the road.