from gangabal ,a 17 km tough descend leads to naranag,where ruins of buddhist temples is built by jaluka,son of ashoka and also by king lalityadaty are still present.

Main attraction of this place is Thajiwas Glacier. Be very careful from the pony & car touts. This will always miss guide you and ask handsome amount to access them. Your travel car will not have access to reach Thajiwas Glacier. You must need to hire either pony or local car to reach there. It is just about 5 minute drive by car. They may be ask you about INR2000 for pony/person or INR10000 for car. Always negotiate with them. You can easily negotiate them for INR2000 for three point Thijiwas Glacier, Fish Pond & Sarbal Park. In Thajiwas, you will get the snow but tout will misguide you for not having over there. At last if you want to enjoy snow in Thajiwas Glacier, Hire car for INR2000.

You can hire sledge-cart for INR100-200 and gum shoes for INR50-100 in May which is peak time for them.

Don't argue with touts, there are many incidents of having quarrel and fight by them with tourists. They always argue that, There are having only 2-3 month season to earn bread & butter for a year so they are always trying to chop you as big as possible.