Lal Chowk Ghantaghar

One more important point to note for tourists having passion for shopping is when you hire an auto rickshaw, please mention that you want to go to Lal Chowk Ghantaghar only for shopping. As most of the Auto Rickshaws will insist you that there is nothing in Lal Chowk and go to Whole Sale market instead. This is because, the prices at the so called wholesale market are much inflated as they pay at least 20% commission to those auto rickshaws. Also, there are very few shops.

Sunday market
Residency road, between Lal Chowk and the TRC fountain

a huge market ranging more than a kilometre selling everything from handicraft through bed sheets to electronics and food and clothes

If you stay in one of the houseboats, make sure that you do not get lured by the local vendors posing as whole-sale stone jewelry sellers. Their prices are highly inflated. Their sole aim is to swindle you of as much money as possible in the name of "authentic stone crafted jewels". There is a whole sale jewelry shop right across the street once you reach the main road of the Dal Lake and that's the right place for shopping.


Mehboob Ali Beigh
Gazidoori, Alamgari Bazar, Srinagar-190011.
0194-2421832; 09797189872

Sozni Shawls/Jamavars.


You can buy nice leather products, or jewellery. Carpets.

Chainstich rugs There are rugs in two styles; English design or Kilim design. It will be evident what is meant when you see them.

You can also buy embroidered felt mats called Namdahs but the colours of the wool may be a bit too bright in most shops

Cashmere Pashmina shawls Have been manufactured in Kashmir for thousands of years. Pashmina Shawls are very popular items for sale in the Valley, but make sure to test the quality before purchasing. The test for a 100% pashmina has been warmth, feel and the passing of the shawl through a wedding ring. Costs on a true pashmina can vary wildly, but usually start around Rs 6,000. Secondly, the weave pattern on a good Pashmina is fainter than on a "silk Pashmina" or other wool Pashmina. There is also lower grades of pashmina known as Semi-Pashmina 10-50% pashmina wool and Half-Pashmina 50% pashmina wool which are still of an exceptional quality but much lower price Rs 1,000-3,000. Also check if they are machine woven or hand woven look for irregularities in the wool to spot a hand woven, hand woven are stronger due to the density of the weave and cost.

Paper Machie products Quite unique to Kashmir with colourful motifs and design on them. They are seen everywhere and resemble pottery in shape and design. Blooming Dale in Dalgate area have a vast collection of Papier Machie products.

Government Emporia

. The Government Emporia supplies might be better than some the private shops when in comes to embroided felt mats Namdahls.

John International
172 Old Gagribal Road
Near Nehru Park
Hakim Jan Mohammad Shah
Rathpora, Eidgah, Srinagar, near Masjid Bilal
9906959611, 9858315306

For well designed contemporary striped stoles..

Cottage Industries Emporium
Boulevard, Srinagar

A very well organised nice collection of local arts & crafts at reasonable rates.

Jain Dry Fruits Shop
Kukar Bazaar, Lal Chowk

Rates. Rs.550/kg for Badam and Rs.500/kg for Akruts. Contact Person: Anil Kumar Jain

Mr.M.Maqbool Jan
H.No.7, Mughal Mohalla, Lal Bazar, Srinagar-190011

one of the veteran artisan who used to supply to Suffering Moses and other leading stores..

Kashmir Shawl Museum
1st floor of the Auquaf Building at Dalgate at the end of The Boulevard in the centre of town
+91 194 242 4891
Near Dhar Medicate look for a tiny staircase heading up and a big 1st floor sign

They will take you through in detail the types of pashminas you can buy and how to test them and are fantastic in that they don't negotiate but offer a set price.

Fancy Art Emporium
Polo Market, Srinagar

Very nice collection well organized local arts n crafts and curios. Prices can be negotiated down by 20-25%.

R&A Designs
Rajbagh, Srinagar
Suffering Moses
Lambert Lane, The Bund at Polomarket Intersection

There are numerous bakeries in the city. Kashmiris are very fond of bakery products especially pasteries and cakes and you can find these bakeries very crowded especially around the times of major festivals. The more famous bakeries include

Mughal Darbar
Shawl Bakery
Jee Enn Sons