There are a number of the restaurants and cafes in Srinagar. Most of the good ones are located in Lal chowk or on Boulevard along the banks of the Dal Lake. Most of the restaurants will serve Kashmiri, Indian, Mughlai and 'Indianized' Chinese dishes. Some pure veg restaurants are also located along Boulevard. Among the veg restaurants 'Krishna Dhaba' is the most popular for its Rajma-and-kheer.

Make sure you try dishes like Rogan-gosht meat cooked in red gravy, Gushtabasoft meat balls cooked in natural yoghurt,Rishta Soft Meat Balls in delicious Gravy, Tabakmaazdeep fried ribs of a lamb and Kantismall chunks of meat cooked with a lot of onions. All these Meat Items are usually eaten with Rice, hence the gravy is not thick.

Another popular local delicacy called Seekh-tuji consists of marinated meat pieces which are freshly barbecued and eaten with chutney. Most of these vendors are located in the Khayaam region of the city. This place is usually teeming with the youth especially in the evenings.

Enjoy the grilled mutton available in Srinagar. This is referred to as a "tilli" or "tekh" and mostly eaten by locals.