Airport There is an airport shuttle every hour from The Tourist Reception Center costing Rs 60 a.o. Sept 2013. Roomy buses with enough space for luggage. Get to the TRC ahead of time as since it isn't as easy to locate the shuttle as you may think. Allow 30-45mins to arrive at the airport plus another 15 mins for the baggage scan before you enter the actual airport premises. Taxis and auto rickshaws will demand between 150 and 200 for the same.

Jeeps leave daily taking 2 days with an overnight stop in Kargil. A one day trip ca 12 hrs is also available, costing 2100 rps May 2015. Jeeps leave around 6 am from TRC tourist reception centre. Tickets can be booked in advance at the same location. Do note that the route is closed half the year due to snow. See also Leh#Get in The first month after opening, the road is very bad and you may expect delays.

Jammu Jeeps leave daily as well as buses, be aware that J&K bus company quite often go on strike. Jeep costs Rs 350-450 and takes approx 8 hr.

To see around one should take the package tours offered by the JK tourism, situated in Tourist Information Centre. Also one can get the return ticket to Jammu or elsewhere from JK tourism, as they are reliable and safe.