The National Informatics Center NIC District Unit Udhampur became functional in March 1989. Since then the NIC Center Udhampur has been providing the IT support to the District Administration. The NIC Udhampur started the journey one XENIX based 386 PC/XT and NICNET connectivity with C-200 VSAT. With the change of time and technology, the infrastructure was updated at the NIC Udhampur. At present the NIC Udhampur is having one Xeon Server and Four Pentium PC's. The NIC Udhampur is also maintain a Local Area Network at the office complex of DC Office. All the major sections of the District Administration has been connected to the central server located at NIC Office. Also the Internet facility has been provided to different departments on LAN as well as dialup.

One of major job of the NIC Udhampur is to provide the training in handling & operating Computers to the employees of various department in order to promote the IT culture in the district. NIC Udhampur conducts three to four such training programme every year. In addition to this some of the major Projects implemented in the district are:

The Education Information System The Village Information System Personnel Information System Election Information System Online Telephone Directory

NIC Udhampur provided the full support to setup the Community Information Center CIC at the block level in the District. The main object of the CIC is to provide the IT Facility and to increase the IT Literacy among people living in the remote areas of the district. The CIC have been provided with the high speed internet connection.

The above are only a few milestones covered and several challenging paths are still to be treaded by NIC Udhampur. But viewing the fact that services provided by NIC Udhampur have generated wide in the Government circles, the dream of complete computerization and informatics culture in the district will definitely realized in the near future.