Vasudhara Waterfall

8 km from badrinath. the first 3 km can be travelled by a car or a bus. this stop is called "mana". first point after the village mana, the last habitat in the indian side, is bhim pool. this is said to have been built by bhim for his wife draupadi who could not cross the ridge. from here there is a 4 km trek for the falls and no special gear for the trek is needed, only some good shoes.

Hot Geyser

There is a hot spring near the temple, and many saints live in the surrounding mountains all year round despite the harsh winter at such high elevations.

origin of saraswati river, near mana village. this is said be origin of Saraswati river coming out and going underground again as this river is not visible anywhere from source upto Allahabad Sangam in UP where it is said to merge into Ganga river along with Yamuna river.Very close to visible river Saraswati there is very small water stream said to be water from Mansarover Lake in Tibet.