Astley Hall

Rajpur road - a complex full of interesting, and good value shops and restaurants.

Rajpur Road

The most popular shopping area.

Basmati rice

The dehradun area is famous all over india & the world for its fragrant basmati rice, but you can probably buy bags of it at your local indian store so don't bother buying any here.


The traditonal knives that dehradun is famous for. in fact the sword used in the film "gladiator" was designed and made in dehradun. small shops in dehradun stock them.

hand made woollen items

Brightly coloured, hand made woollen items made by tribal communities in the nearby Garhwal Hills.

Himalayan Weavers

Use natural dyes to produce hand-woven shawls, stoles, scarves and throws of wool, eri silk and pashmina. their aim is popularize the use of environmentally friendly natural dyes and provide a market for craft products made in the himalayan region. they have a showroom in chowk bazaar rajpur. they also have a showroom 8 km from mussoorie on the mussoorie-dhanaulti road. rajpur: 01352733113, mussoorie: 0135-2115282 and 9759009830. (http://www.himalayanweave...)

Paltan Bazaar

A good place to pick up the local variety of basmati rice, and hand made woollen garments made by local tribal communities.

The English book Depot

( 15, rajpur road - the best bookshop for miles, with an excellent stock of fiction, travel literature, magazines and newspapers.

Book World
10-A Astley Hall
at Astley Hall

Another great bookshop where you can get practically any book you want.