Cafe Coffee Day
Rajpur Road

Rajpur road, ( excellent coffee and pastries.

Rajpur Road

The english book depot, 15 rajpur road, ( excellent coffee, iced tea and pastries.


Rajpur Road has many bars. Try a strong Tibetan drink called chang available in Rajpur 7 km away from clock tower.

Head Over Heels Bar

97 rajpur road, ( a good range of drinks and snacks.

President Hotel and Bar

The finest bar in the downtown. however some retired army officers and serving officers like to jam out in dsoi, to try this out either you have to be an army officer or his guest. : )

Shipra Bar

This bar is the part of the great value hotel and is reasonably ok.

My Wife's Place

In Rajpur Road you can find this and well known for it's north indian food, especially a varaity of kebabs and mughlai dishes