By car

By car
By car

You can easily visit Dehradun through Car. There are many car rental companies.

By car
Spectrum Travels
Vasant Vihar
+91 7895050100

Airport Pick up & Drop.

By car
Gozocabs: Delhi-Dehradun Cab Services
+91 9041 311 411
Prices starting ₹2900
24 hours

One way Pick/Drop facilities to Dehradun from Delhi. Online booking.

By car
Dehradun Taxi
Railway Station
+91 9458900168

For Taxies of all kinds.

By car
Friends Travels
Rajpur Road
+91 9690749753

24x7 Car Hire.

By car
Big India Tours
Prince Chowk

For Taxies of all kinds.

By car
+91 135 252 0573
Fares start from Rs.1400 for full day local & Rs.9.5/km for Outstation
Inquiry: 7am to 11pm

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By Auto Rickshaw

Auto rickshaws are plentiful in the downtown area. They are not metered, but instead use a fixed rate system. However, as the rate is often not prominently displayed, it is advisable to have some idea of the cost to your destination before taking an auto rickshaw. Otherwise, you are very likely to be charged well over the odds.

On foot
On foot

The best way to explore the town is on foot, since it is surprisingly compact. Finding your way around is not that difficult as it may seem at first glance. Rajpur Road is the main avenue, Chakrata Road is also quite an important street while Paltan Bazar is best local bazaar. These all intersect at the Clock Tower Roundabout. Walking across town can take up to 30 minutes.

By Shared (Fixed-Route) Auto Rickshaws

The cheapest way to get around town is via the ubiquitous blue three wheelers called Vikrams. These vehicles are often crammed, with capacity for 8 cramped passengers in the back. The Vikrams are numbered according to their routes through the city. Fare is Minimum Rs. 5 to maximum Rs.15 any route.

1 - Rajpur Road: begins at Astley Hall and travels North to the Rajpur-Mussoorie Road Fork.

2 - Sahastradhara/Raipur: begins at Survey Chowk, procedes eastward to Sahastradhara Crossing, before splitting towards the North Sahastradhara Road or East Raipur Road depending on the Autorickshaw.

3 - Dharampur, Rispana Bridge: begins at Survey Chowk, procedes to Haridwar Road and Dharampur, before proceding through the Nehru Colony to Rispana Bridge.

4 - Doiwala: begins at Rispana Bridge and procedes to Doiwala.

5 - Majra/ISBT: begins at Astley Hall, procedes South to Majra and the Interstate Bus Terminus.

6 - Kaulagarh Road: begins at Clock Tower, goes Northwest up Kaulagarh Road.

7 - Chakrata Road: begins at Clock Tower, goes West on Chakrata Road.

8 - Kanwali/Kaonli Road: begins at Astley Hall, procedes South to Saharanpur Chowk, before going West on Kanwali/Kaonli Road towards Balliwala. The last stop on this route varies between Seemadwar/Indranagar, Anurag Nursery or Vasant Vihar Chowk.

10 - Premnagar: begins at Clock Tower, goes West to Premnagar via Kaonli Road.

9 to 11 in the morning and 4 to 7 in the evening are the busiest hours.

By bus
By bus

Dehradun has a city bus service run by private owners under STA. The destinations are written in Hindi above the windshield. Generally, however, the buses are crowded, so it is better to use other means of transport.