Hotel Dhanaulti Heights GMVN
Mussoorie-Chamba Highway, Dhanaulti 249180, India
On main Mussoorie-Chamba Highway, right in center on town

This hotel is run by state governmnet and there is lot to desire in terms of cleanliness and hygiene. Stay here only if you are on very tight budget or find no other place to stay.

Hotel Drive Inn
Mussoorie-Chamba Highway, Dhanaulti 249180
On the main Mussoorie Chamba road, right in centre of this small town

Out of all options in Dhanolti, this hotel is best. The rooms are clean and food is good. It is also on the the Dehradun Chamba road which makes access easy. The staff was helpful and friendly. There were only two problems you can experience: 1. The water pressure is not enogh for showers to work in bathroom so you have to manage with a bucket. 2. The windows of the room could not be opened so no fresh air. However the above two options are not a big issues if you consider other options around. The rates for this hotel are reasonable too.