Sindh dugdh Bhandar
Rly. rd. Haridwar

Established since 1948 in Haridwar, this multi-cuisine restaurant has very good service and, most importantly, it's air conditioned, unlike the other restaurant in town.

Bhagwati Chole Wala
Upper Road Haridwar
8 AM- 6PM
Enroute to Mansa Devi Temple

A must try for breakfast and Lunch. Bhagwati choley wala is an old institution making scrumptous breakfast of CholeBengal Gram Baturey,Bun Bread and choley , Mixed minced Buns in Choley Gravy and Rice Choley. They attract a large crowd and usually serves piping hot choley stew with every meal. The meal priced 30/- each is served on Plate and Leaf covering along with salad.Must try their Buns in Choley.Try their Lassi too.

Madras Restaurant
Jassa Ram Road
50-80 Rs
almost on the corner with Railway Road

South Indian and Chinese food. Go for their tasty dosas.

Dada Boudir Hotel
Railway Road
5 mins from rail station by rickshaw towards Har ki pairi

This is an awesome Bengali eatery, serving lunch,dinner. Dehradun rice with ghee, fries, 2 curries, chutney , dal etc at only Rs.45/- per head that too with multiple servings; it's the ideal destination for having meals.


This shop is old and claims to have started in the year 1935. its a 7-8 min walk from from hari-ki-pairi good to get your appetite going. it has a wide variety of north indian delicacies; try the thaali. it cost rs. 80.00 he has stopped serving "thaalis" now. it's so much that it requires a special effort to finish it off. and for a grand finish a sweet dish you can't resist: khaao india khaao.

Chotiwalas Asli

Subhash ghat. claiming to be the original, unfranchised chotiwalas, this is the first shop right below the steps when walking south from hari-ki-pairi. the "chotiwalas special" rs. 75 is a super-filling concoction of paneer and veggies in a creamy tomato base, topped with cheese and yogurt.

Hotel Alpana

Ram ghat. 01334-225544,224567. claiming to be the new, clean, 400 meters from hari-ki-pairi. the "alpana meal" rs. 100 breakfast & rs 150 for lunch & rs. 150 for dinner nice decent place to relax.

Haridwar is a purely vegetarian town.


Subhash ghat and other outlets around town. the closest haridwar gets to mcdonalds not very, serves up a wide menu of south and north indian favorites, with some indian-chinese thrown in. most meals around rs. 60.

Mashir Hotel
5 minutes from sabji mandi

Pure Bengali Eatery serving Basmati Rice, along with Dal, 2 seasonal curries, 1 Fried item, Chutney and Ghee unlimited servings. Check their Morning Breakfast of Puri sabji priced Rs. 15 for 6 pooris and 1 sabzi

Didir Hotel
Opposite Hotel Vishrant Vishnughat
8 AM- 11PM

Didir Hotel Elder sis's Eatery is a conveneint location located at Vishnughat and famous for its multiple serving Thalis. Priced at Rs.40as of aug 2011 It serves you hot Rice with Ghee, Fritters, 1 dry and 1 gravy curries, along with Daalwhich is typically sweet sour and a sweet chutney at the end. Typically famous for its Dhokaar Dalna a must try also it serves multiple Rotis along with curries at 40/- only.

Dosa plates
opposite to Haridwar railway station

A chain that offers 104 varieties of dosas, along with Indian and Chinese food.

Kwality Mysore Restuarant
Upper Road towards Mansa devi and har Ki pauri

A Good reasonable South Indian restaurant serving South Indian Thalis and Snacks. Must try their Dosas.

Spice N Nice
Main Jwalapur Haridwar Road

We offer authentic pure vegetarian delicious food. We serve Punjabi, South Indian, Chinese, and Continental Cuisines. Food is our passion and we take pride in serving our guests delicious and tasty food. Relaxing and good Ambiance with AC.